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Online Safety

How can parents and carers support their child's safety online? 

Supporting the wellbeing of children has never been more critical than it is right now. A child’s online activity, including what they view, who they interact with, and what they share can contribute to a deeply positive outcome, or pose a worrying threat to their wellbeing. It is therefore our critical mission to ensure that children get all the best experiences that technology can offer. Keeping up with all the latest online trends and apps can be very challenging. The following websites are recommended to help parents/carers remain up to date with the latest online safety risks their child may face.

Smoothwall Online Safety Hub - The Online Safety Hub is a brand new online resource with lots of expert advice and guidance to help you as a parent, manage your child's safety online. It includes information on the latest hot topics when it comes to keeping children safe, such as how to manage your child's screen time, understand the latest gaming platforms, what they mean for your child’s safety and lots more.
We are offering parents a free account for Qustodio which is an Online Safety Parent App. It allows parents to gain more visibility on what’s going on in your child’s online world, block dangerous content, introduce screen free schedules, receive alerts for inappropriate content, keep tabs on their location and more. Click here to access our Atlas Trust Online Safety Hub. To create your free account and to download the app click here.

ThinkUKnow Parents Section - run by CEOP and the National Crime Agency, this website is full of information to help children to get the most out of the internet

NSPCC Online Safety Guides for Parents - a number of accessible safety guides for parents/carers/children to guide children on being safe online 

National Online Safety - their newsletter provides weekly updates and is also available as an app