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Trust Policies

We coordinate a number of key policies across all the academies within the ATLAS Trust. This makes it easier for staff, parents, and pupils to understand our approach and ensure we act consistently across all our schools.

Policies are reviewed regularly to ensure they represent the best practice.

You can browse our current policies using the navigation links on this page.

  1. ATLAS Scheme of Delegation
  2. Adoption Policy
  3. Alcohol, Drugs and Gambling (staff) Procedure
  4. Anti Bribery Policy
  5. Anti Fraud and Corruption Policy
  6. Business Charge Cards Policy
  7. Car Lease Scheme Procedure
  8. Complaints Policy
  9. Cyber Response Plan Procedure
  10. Debt Recovery Policy
  11. Dependent Leave Policy
  12. Disciplinary Policy (staff)
  13. Disposal of Surplus Equipment Policy
  14. Employee Wellbeing and Workplace Stress Policy
  15. Exercise of Employer Discretions Policy
  16. Expenses and Benefits Policy
  17. Financial Manual and Procedures
  18. Fixed Asset Policy
  19. Flexible Working Policy
  20. Formal Governor Visit Procedure
  21. Freedom of Information Policy
  22. GDPR Policy
  23. GDPR Privacy Notice
  24. Gifts and Hospitality Policy
  25. Governors' Code of Conduct Procedure
  26. Governor & ATLAS BOD Virtual Meeting Attendance Policy
  27. Grievance Procedure
  28. Harassment and Bullying Staff Policy
  29. Health and Safety Handbook
  30. Health and Safety Policy
  31. Health & Attendance Policy
  32. ICT Policy
  33. Investment Policy
  34. Lettings and Community Use Policy
  35. Low Level Concerns Guidance
  36. Maternity Leave Policy
  37. Managing Performance and Capability Policy
  38. Online Security Policy
  39. Parental and Partner Bereavement Policy
  40. Parental Leave Policy
  41. Passwords Policy
  42. Paternity Leave Policy
  43. Payroll Administration Procedure
  44. Permission to Enter and Be On The School's Premises Procedure
  45. Photography Policy
  46. Premises Management Policy
  47. Probationary Procedure for Educational Support Staff
  48. Procurement Policy and Procedure
  49. Professional Code of Conduct Procedure
  50. Records Retention Policy
  51. Reserves Policy
  52. Risk Management Policy
  53. Safer Recruitment Policy
  54. Shared Parental Leave Policy (Adoption)
  55. Shared Parental Leave Policy (Birth)
  56. Time Off Work Guidance Policy
  57. Use of Ebay Procedure Policy
  58. Whistleblowing Procedure